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Services and Fees

WWF supports offices’ environmental management work. We give you tools and support on setting up and developing Green Office system.

Green Office logo & diploma

WWF grants the Green Office diploma and the right to use the Green Office logo to offices fulfiling the Green Office criteria. The logo may be used by organisations in their communications in accordance with WWF's guidelines.

Network Meetings and Workshops

Each year, WWF organises network meetings for the Green Office representatives. At the network meetings, matters relating to the environmental programme are considered, issues are addressed and experiences shared.

In addition to the network meetings, smaller workshops may be organised that focus on particular topics.


WWF provides to organisations in Green Office network model schemes and tools to help them set up and maintain their EMS.

  • Compass webtool helps to accomplish initial assessment and offers basis for building environmental programme. Latest news, materials and Green Office logo can be found from Compass.
  • Annual reporting is executed partly in Climate Calculator web service. Using Climate Calculator office can estimate greenhouse gas emissions of e.g. electricity and heating consumption, passenger traffic, transportation and paper consumption.
  • Consumer Habit Questionnaire can be filled in web quickly and easily.
  • Best Practices web site gathers the best Green Office -practices around the world. You can suggest us an example of your own office!

Tips and Information

WWF will regularly e-mail practical Green Office tips to offices in the network.

WWF provides advice on developing the EMS.  During office inspections WWF will provide eco-facts and give advice regarding the development of the programme.

The offices in the Green Office network in Finland will receive WWF magazine (in Finnish) free of charge four times per year. 


Green Office is an environmental service that is subject to a fee. The fees are used to support WWF’s conservation work. 

The number of 
Admission fee Annual fee:
the largest office
Annual fee:
additional offices
1-30 1 500 € 2 000 € 700 €
31-60 2 000 € 2 800 € 1 000 € 
61-100 2 500 € 3 500 € 1 200 €
101-300 3 000 € 4 800 € 1 400 €
301-700 4 000 € 5 800 € 2 000 €
701-1200 5 000 € 7 500 € 2 500 €
1201-2000 6 000 € 8 500 € 3 000 €
over 2000 specified individually specified individually specified individually


  • Fees above consider only organisations operating in Finland.
  • The size of the admission fee is determined by the number of staff working at the office. Admission fee is paid after the Green Office contract is signed.
  • The annual fee is determined by the number of staff members in the office and the number of separate offices. Annual fee is paid for the first time when the right to use the Green Office logo is granted to the organisation. After that fee is charged annually.
  • Value added tax will be added to the fee at the rate of 24 %.
  • If the organisation has more than ten offices joining Green office network, the Green Office programme model to be implemented will be arranged separately.

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