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What is Green Office?

Green Office is a practical environmental programme that is easy to implement. Its aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the ecological footprints of offices.

Green Office is suited to offices – both large and small – in private companies, the public sector and other organisations. Even small actions can make a difference, if enough people are involved.

Office premises hold a key position in energy consumption and in sustainable solutions. Green Office motivates office staff to act in an environmentally friendly way with regard to everyday tasks, and improves environmental awareness and brings cost savings. The scheme will benefit both the organisation and the environment.

WWF Finland's Green Office network is comprised of 184 organisations and 532 offices. Internationally 252 organisations and 81 500 emplyees is involved in the network. (17.10.2013)

In addition to Finland there are Green Offices in 10 other countries around the world. Read more about the network >

Green Office is developed by WWF Finland.  Ten year anniversary of Green Office was celebrated in 2012.


To achieve Green Office labeling rights office:

  • selects a Green Office coordinator and team
  • plans a practical environmental programme
  • improves energy efficiency continuously in order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduces waste, and recycles and sorts out waste according to local requirements
  • pays attention to green issues in procurements
  • informs and educates its personnel about Green Office practices
  • aspires towards continuous improvement in environmental matters
  • update environmental program annually 
  • chooses the indicators, sets numeric objectives and monitors the fulfilment of the objectives
  • reports to WWF annually.

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