Artwork on the cafeteria floor

To celebrate Green Week at the school, environmentally themed artwork was created on the cafeteria floor. At the same time, information was shared about the amount of food wasted at the school.

What did we do?

The students used masking tape to create a thought-provoking text on the school cafeteria floor: How much food is wasted at Kaitaa? In addition, amounts were given for different time periods: per day, per week or per month.

The idea came from students. The students went to the cafeteria to ask how much food is wasted per day, and calculated the rest based on the information.

How much time was spent?

The activity was carried out over a single lesson.

What did we achieve?

The taped words gained a lot of attention on the first day, with students and teachers stopping to take a good look. This is an easy way to make people more aware of the amount of food being wasted.

The idea was shared by

Kaitaa Lower Secondary School, Espoo

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