From one class to another – a chain of challenge

One class at a time received a one-week challenge to improve one of their practices related to sustainable lifestyle or social sustainability. Takin part in the challenge changed ways of working in the whole school.  

What did we do?

Every Monday during the spring term, one class would use the morning announcements to present a chosen class with a new challenge for the week. This class would do their best to meet the challenge during the week, and then talk what they did during the next Monday’s morning announcements and present the next challenge to another class. This was continued until all classes had taken part in the challenge.

The challenges given were related to matters such as tidiness, recycling, phone use, turning off the lights, good behaviour, physical activity, shopping habits, behaviour in the cafeteria, commuting to school, and spending time outside. 

How long did it take?

The activity was carried out during the spring term. As many weeks were required to complete the activity as there were classes. If there is not enough time for that, the challenge can be presented to one age group at a time. For the class doing the challenge, one class teacher’s hour was used for creating the idea for next challenge, and a few chosen students also spent some time writing a text for the morning announcements about their experience and the background of the next challenge. They were allowed to work on the text during their Finnish lessons.

What did we achieve? Successes, own assessment

The students became more aware of various themes related to sustainable development in the school environment, and new practices were invented. Other classes also paid attention to the themes of the challenges, even if the challenges were really only intended for one class at a time. It also became easier for classes to deliver morning announcements, since they were not required to come up with a completely new idea. 

The idea was shared by

WWF. This is a fictional example based on the ideas that came up at the WWF sustainable development study circles. The original idea: Puistola Comprehensive School