Panda Challenge

A couple of times a year, WWF and the panda set a challenge for schools to enforce sustainable ways of living. It’s easy to take part in the Panda Challenge: take a picture of your activities and share it with others. The best ideas will be rewarded!

The first Panda Challenge of the year has started!

What would be a better way to kick off the year 2018 than making a promise for the environment! Therefore, the first Panda challenge of the year encourages everyone to make New Year’s promises that benefit nature. Here is how to do it: Take a picture of your New Year’s promise that benefits nature and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #pandahaaste (Finnish for "Panda Challenge").

All groups will be entered into a draw to win WWF shopper bag. The challenge continues until Thursday, 15 February, so make sure to post your pictures before that!

If you don’t have an Instagram or Twitter account, you can upload the picture here. Panda will then post it on your behalf!

The winners of the Birdhouse Challenge have been selected

This spring's Panda Challenge has ended and the winners have been selected. The goal was to alleviate the lack of accomodation among hole-nesting birds in our forests by hanging birdhouses. This also offered a very concrete way of participating in the promotion of biodiversity. The hung birdhouses were also registered as part of Finnish national broadcaster Yle's Miljoona linnunpönttöä (one million birdhouses) campaign. This target was achieved well in advanca: according to Yle, the millionth birdhouse was registered already in February!

This time the Panda Challenge had two categories, one of which focused on having fun and being creative. The winner of this category is the Eco Group of the Seinäjoen lyseo school, called Ekoagentit, with their funny binoculars-themed photo. Congratulations!

Seinäjoen lyseon ympäristöryhmä Ekoagentit

We wonder if the binoculars have been useful for thins other than just birdwatching as Ekoagentit did a fine job in taking future needs into account when hanging the birdhouses. There are six birdhouses in trees quite near to the school and visits to them will be part of the annual biology field trips.

The second category was about the number of birdhouses hung and registered. First place went to Ounasketut, the Eco Group of the Ounasvaaran peruskoulu school in Rovaniemi, with its members joining forces to build a considerable number of birdhouses. Congratulations, Ounasketut!

Ounasvaaran peruskoulun ympäristöryhmä Ounasketut

A warm thank you to other participants, too! Each and every one f you has contributed to reducing the number of homeless hole-nesting birds in Finland's forests. A great way to celebrate the centenary of Finland's independence!

The work will go on: Länsimäen koulu, one of the WWF Schools for the spring term this year, intends to build 100 birdhouses during the year. Brilliant!

Länsimäen koulu