Panda Challenge

WWF challenges school Eco Clubs to help make their work more widely known and to make sustainable lifestyles a permanent part of school life. Right now, we’re running a Birdhouse Challenge to help homeless hole-nesting birds. Schools that have ordered our Vuosisata metsässä (A century in the forest) lesson are also welcome to take the Challenge.


Teachers and students often consider what each person can do to promote biodiversity. Now we have a concrete way: birdhouses. The hole-nesting birds of Finland’s forests are suffering from a lack of accommodation, because there is a shortage of rotting trees that are suitable for nesting. This is already clear to everyone who participated in the forest-themed school tour that began in January.

WWF is now challenging Eco Groups and the classes that took part in the forest lesson to hang birdhouses. Of course, they must also be registered in order to count as part of Finnish national broadcaster Yle’s Miljoona linnunpönttöä (one million birdhouses) campaign.

Now is the time to break the barrier of one million birdhouses as quickly as possible. And it shouldn’t be hard to do – after all, there are over one million people studying and working in Finnish schools!



There are many ways to join in the birdhouse challenge.

  • Have you already participated in the One Million Birdhouses campaign? Take a nice photo of the birdhouse you made.
  • Are there any birdhouses lying around in the woodwork room at your school? Don’t delay – hang, photo, and register them!
  • Is the birdhouse in your schoolyard in need of repair and cleaning? Why not get to work on it, and make sure to take a photo! And if the birdhouse is not yet registered, it’s a good idea to do that at the same time.
  • Interested in making your own birdhouse? These instructions will help you. Don't forget to take photos, too!

No matter how you decide to do it, remember that you need proof that it’s your own work. You can only be included in the draw after you have posted a photo or video to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #wwfkoulussa or #pandahaaste. If you are registered as a school group on the WWF Koulussa website, be sure to add the name of your group, too. Or if you don't want to use social media, you can also send the photo by email to sanna.koskinen@wwf.fi, along with the necessary details. Your contribution will then be published on WWF’s environmental education Instagram account @WWFKoulussa, and will also appear on the WWF Koulussa wall on social media.

And because there are several ways to take part, there are also two challenge categories.

  • The key to the first category is creativity and innovativeness. The class or group that posts the funniest birdhouse picture or video will win our great Miljoona linnunpönttöä cloth bags.
  • The second category has to do with the amount of birdhouses: the group that has put up and registered the most birdhouses gets to go birdwatching with an expert at the end of the semester.


Who can join?

The Challenge is open to any school Eco Group whose teacher in charge has registered on the WWF Koulussa website. If you haven’t already joined in, do it here!

The challenge can also be taken by schools that have participated in the school tour Vuosisata metsässä – lahopuun salatut elämät (a century in the forest: the secret lives of dead trees). Invite a WWF ambassador to your school here (only available in Finnish).


Participation period

13 February – 13 May 2017