Woollen jumper day

During the woollen jumper day for the whole school, attention was paid to wearing warm clothes indoors, which helps in energy saving. Heating is one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions in Finland.

What did we do?

A woollen jumper day was organised in December, and students were encouraged to wear woollen jumpers to school. We wanted to make the point that when you dress warmly at school and at home, the bravest souls might lower the indoor temperature by one or two degrees, which saves energy. However, the indoor temperature of the school was not lowered during the event. 

On the woollen jumper day, we sold warm berryjuice with spice ("glögi" in Finnish) and gingerbread during the lunch break. Juice and gingerbread were offered at the combined price of 10 cents. Those who brought their own mug got juice for free. In addition, more information about the subject was displayed during the day on the panel’s notice board along a school corridor.

How long did it take?

The activity was carried out over a single day.

What did we achieve?

We were able to make our students think more about energy saving and how wearing warm clothes enables us to lower the indoor temperature at home and at school.

The idea was shared by

Ressu Upper Secondary School