Privacy policy for the Green Office personal data file

Oy Nooan Arkki Ab respects your privacy and is committed to ensuring that your personal data is processed fairly and lawfully. Oy Nooan Arkki Ab is a limited company owned in full by Maailman Luonnon Säätiö – World Wide Fund for Nature, Suomen rahasto sr (“WWF Finland”) under which the Green Office environmental management system operates.


Oy Nooan Arkki Ab (Business Identity Code 0112046-9) (“Nooan Arkki”)
Lintulahdenkatu 10, FI-00500 Helsinki, Finland
tel. +358 (0)9 774 0100 (exchange)

Contact person:
Susanna Vuorela

The collected data is part of the Green Office personal data file of Oy Nooan Arkki Ab (“Green Office personal data file”).


The contact persons and employees of companies or other organisations operating in the Green Office network and individuals who have demonstrated interest to operate in the Green Office network by, for example, submitting their contact details to Nooan Arkki in order to gain further information about Green Office or by using tools related to the Green Office environmental management system, such as the Climate Calculator or the Consumer Habit Questionnaire, are considered data subjects of the Green Office personal data file.

The legal basis for processing of personal data is the legitimate interest of Nooan Arkki based on an appropriate connection between Nooan Arkki and the data subject when the person is employed by a company or other organisation included in the Green Office network or when the person has otherwise demonstrated interest towards the Green Office network.

The purpose of processing personal data in the Green Office personal data file is to manage payments and to manage the relationship between the parties and the resulting obligations within the Green Office network. In addition, personal data is processed for the purposes of communication as well as for announcing and marketing the activities of Green Office and WWF Finland (with the use of the WWF magazine, contests, prize draws and newsletters, for example). Nooan Arkki may also process your data to enable the design, implementation, maintenance and further development of current and future services and/or products as well as for the purposes of opinion polls and marketing research.


The personal data collected in the Green Office personal data file mainly consists of information you have provided to Nooan Arkki. Nooan Arkki collects personal data directly from you in the following instances:

  • when you sign up for the Green Office network and act as a contact person for a company or other organisation included in the Green Office network or as a member of your organisation’s Green Office team;
  • when you participate in Green Office contests and prize draws organised by Nooan Arkki;
  • when you subscribe to the Green Office newsletter, blog posts or other content;
  • when you answer our surveys, our Climate Calculator and our Consumer Habit Questionnaire in the Green Office cooperation or otherwise;
  • when you participate in Green Office-related events organised by Nooan Arkki; and
  • when you submit feedback or otherwise contact us.

We may also receive your contact information if a representative of a Green Office company or other organisation shares the contact information of the Green Office team of the entire company/organisation with us.

In addition to the instances described above, we can also collect information from publicly available sources, such as public websites. We may also use such other sources to collect information on your tasks or position in the organisation or your public status.

The Green Office personal data file may contain the following personal data:

  • full name and contact information (such as postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and country);
  • information required to manage the cooperation relationship (such as your preferred means of contact, language information, format and time of sending the newsletter and other necessary information related to your services);
  • other information necessary for appropriately and successfully organising, participating in and further developing our events, campaigns and volunteer activities (such as dietary restrictions and allergies for the duration of organising an event);
  • information about the company or other organisation for which you are working and information about your title/position; and
  • log data collected on the use of My Green Office and the user (such as the user’s information, IP address, information on the pages visited and the files downloaded).


As a main rule, Nooan Arkki does not primarily disclose data to outsiders unless the data subject has approved the disclosure of the data. In certain situations, personal data may be disclosed to third parties without your consent, for example, if disclosure of personal data is required by law or an authoritative order. Nooan Arkki always aims to primarily disclose data in a form that does not enable the identification of individuals.

We may transfer your personal data to service providers and subcontractors we have commissioned to process data on our behalf, such as WWF Finland.

Personal data shall only be disclosed or transferred outside the European Union (“EU”) or the European Economic Area (“EEA”) on bases enabled by legislation. Nooan Arkki or the subcontractors/service providers or cooperation partners of Nooan Arkki may use companies located outside the EU and the EEA for processing personal data or implementing services.


When processing personal data, Nooan Arkki complies with the statutory duty of care and obligation to protect personal data as well as good data management practices. When processing personal data, we aim to ensure that the processing of the data is objectively justified and necessary for the described purposes of use.

Nooan Arkki and any service providers of Nooan Arkki participating in the processing of personal data aim to keep the personal data secure and, through reasonable technical and organisational measures, to protect the personal data against unauthorised access and accidental or unlawful destruction, transfer, disclosure or misuse or all other unlawful forms of processing.

The right of access to personal data is limited to employees of Nooan Arkki or its service providers who require access to personal data in order to be able to perform their work-related duties.


You can contact Nooan Arkki (e-mail: to receive a summary of your data. Nooan Arkki will primarily deliver the summary within 30 days of receiving the request. The first summary is free of charge.

You also have the right to request the rectification and/or erasure of any inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete and obsolete data and the right to request restriction of processing of such data. In certain situations, you also have the right to prohibit the processing of your data.

If you have given your consent to electronic direct marketing, for example when trying out the Climate Calculator or the Consumer Habit Questionnaire, you have the right to withdraw your consent. In addition, you always have the right to prohibit electronic direct marketing.

If you wish to exercise your rights or you have questions about this privacy policy or the processing of your personal data, please contact the contact person of the personal data file via e-mail:

Nooan Arkki always aims to resolve any disputes concerning the processing of personal data directly with you. If, however, you are dissatisfied with the processing of your personal data, you have the right to refer the matter to the data protection authority for consideration.


Your personal data shall only be stored for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed. The data is updated and their accuracy verified at regular intervals. During the verification, all unused and obsolete data is deleted.

The retention period of the data may vary by data category and Nooan Arkki may have a statutory obligation to store certain data. Due to this, the exact time periods and procedures for data deletion may vary. However, the aim is to always delete obsolete and unnecessary personal data without undue delay.