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The power of Green Office comes from having concrete goals and keeping people involved. Between 2007 and 2016, Finnish Green Offices have saved 55,300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Reducing consumption makes economic sense too.

In 2016, Finnish Green Offices cut a total of 4,400 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous year. This is equivalent to a four-person family flying from Helsinki to Gran Canaria and back again every day for a year.


The largest reductions were seen in the energy consumption of offices: 3,320 tonnes. A decisive factor in the good result was green electricity. Electricity produced with renewable energy is regarded in calculations as having no climatic effects, unlike electricity produced with, for example, fossil fuel. Green electricity is already in use in 57 percent of Green Offices.

Almost six million sheets of paper were saved during the year in offices—an amount that would make a pile over half a kilometre high. The amount of waste was also reduced.


Annual reporting spring 2017

Annual reporting spring 2016

High scores in reducing emissions

Finnish Green Office reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have been monitored since 2007. The results have been amazing! The graph compares each year’s emissions to those of the previous year.


How can offices meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Sustainability is central to Green Office. With the help of our environmental programme, offices can meet many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are universally applicable, and offices can also do their part in meeting them.

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15 years of Green Office

Green Office turned 15 years of age in 2017. Since the programme’s beginnings, Green Offices have achieved great results. The original aims are still relevant today: climate change has to be slowed down.

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Get inspired by the stories

With the help of the Green Office programme, everyday life in offices becomes more environmentally friendly in various ways. Because it is scalable, Green Office is suitable for all types and sizes of offices.

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Reports and press releases

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