International Eat4Change -project, mainly funded by The European Commission’s Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme (DEAR), aims to contribute to a shift toward more sustainable diets and production practices, particularly in the livestock sector, supporting implementation of SDGs and climate change treaties and contributing to positive economic, social and environmental impacts in Europe and developing countries. In addition to DEAR Programme funding, WWF Finland’s Eat4Change project work is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The project started in May 2020 and continues to April 2024.


Eat4Change contributes to development, education and awareness raising

Eat4Change – mobilizing youth for sustainable diets is working together with youth for real change on an individual and institutional level – to achieve real impact for people and the planet. Eat4Change contributes to development, education and awareness raising by developing European citizens’ awareness and critical understanding of the interdependent world and the societal changes, in particular in the context of sustainable food systems and sustainable diets, needed to achieve global climate goals and the SDGs as well as the actions they can take as individuals and citizens. Eat4Change works particularly to engage youth and encourage their active engagement in global attempts to address these issues.

Background of the project

Every day, millions of EU citizens decide what to put on their plate. Food choices not only affect health but have major implications for “People and Planet”. The food system is a key contributor of climate impacts: generating more than a quarter of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally. Of total global food-related GHG emissions, red meat and dairy currently account for just over half. Moreover, the food system influences water abstraction, deforestation, and eutrophication.

Eat4Change works to engage citizens on the topic of sustainable food, highlighting global interconnections and dependencies and demonstrating how individual lifestyle choices can directly contribute to limiting warming to 1.5 degrees and support achievement of SDGs.

Goals of the project

EU supports the specific objective: ”By 2023 targeted European Youth 1) have greater awareness of the impact of diets on “People and Planet” and a critical understanding of their role as consumers and active citizens 2) contribute to sustainable development goals and climate actions by embracing more sustainable diets, influencing peers and supporting engagement with corporates and policy makers for improved practices and policy coherence.”

Eat4Change aims

  • to develop European citizens’ awareness and critical understanding of the interdependent world and their roles and responsibilities in relation to the people and the planet 
  • to encourage EU citizens active engagement with global attempts to address development and sustainability issues
  • to promote Sustainable lifestyle patterns of EU citizens


A holistic approach is required to build sustainable food systems which operate within planetary limits and social boundaries. This project works through 7 outputs to create transformation from three angles: i) working to engage citizens, on healthy and sustainable diets ii) working with food producers and retailers on sustainable agricultural production iii) working to create an enabling policy environment.  All project activities are supported by a robust evidence base.


Central to the approach is moving young Europeans ‘up the pyramid’ to greater levels of engagement. The Eat4Change Campaign provides the unifying basis: raising awareness, and creating engagement on healthy and sustainable diets. Young changemakers are then incubated and supported as Active Global Citizens to magnify change with peers and within key systems (markets and policy).


Finland has substantial experience in managing EC funded projects and will provide support to co-applicants throughout implementation.

WWF Finland will coordinate overall implementation in partnership with 12 co-applicants, in addition to leading communications and marketing and markets work.

AIESEC will build on 70 years of experience in 120 countries in developing solution oriented, self-aware youth leaders with the ability to empower others.

WWF European Policy Office (EPO) with its unique expertise in EU policy making and advocacy will support engagement with EU institutions.

WWF Austria will lead youth engagement activities using extensive know-how of developing and implementing national/international youth empowerment and leadership programs.

WWF Belgium will use its agriculture and social sciences’ research expertise to lead the evidence base output, overseeing the output coherence and quality of the studies.

WWF Sweden has nearly two decades of experience with food consumer guides; an internationally recognized social media team and established models for work with youth and schools.

WWF France will build on its work on sustainable diets and production practices to feed into consumer tools and engage with civil society through its work with companies and policy makers.

WWF Greece has 25 years expertise in environmental education, volunteer youth programs and capacity building with specific experience on education and campaigning for sustainable food consumption.

WWF UK brings 58 years of experience in engaging people and raising awareness, expertise of dedicated teams on food, climate and a solid track record of working with large multinational corporations.

Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina (FVS) has been working to conserve Argentina’s natural resources for 40+ years and build on its expertise with the agriculture sector to support linking European consumption to Argentine production.

WWF Brazil will build on experience of conducting partnerships and projects in important ecoregions such as the Amazon, and Cerrado, stimulating sustainable economic alternatives that both involve and benefit local communities.

With Fish Forward Associação Natureza Portugal (ANP) has demonstrated its ability to create stable partnerships and engage stakeholders on the subject of sustainable consumption and communicate in innovative ways.

Estonian Fund for Nature brings experience of engaging people on environmental and climate issues. This knowledge will be used to relate when working with youth.

Eat4Change International Youth Team consists of youth between the ages of 18-30 and works closely with Eat4Change staff to ensure that the youth are at the center of the project. They bring their ideas, insights and knowledge to the project activities and work as a team to create youth-led actions.


DEAR programme

The European Commission’s Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme, DEAR, supports projects that engage the European Union public in worldwide issues of social, economic and environmental development.

By funding projects like Eat4Change, the DEAR programme promotes universal values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law and enables European citizens to make positive contributions to global development.

 The DEAR Programme funds up to 30 projects that span the EU Member States at any one time. These projects contribute to raising the European public’s understanding and engagement in positive social change, at both the local and international level.

DEAR activities also feed into the EU’s support for the globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all by 2030.

Visit the DEAR Programme website to read more:​