Finnish Biodiversity

WWF works in Finland and its surrounding areas to protect endangered animals and habitats. WWF protects Saimaa ringed seals, Baltic ringed seals, White-tailed Eagles and Lesser White-fronted Geese as well as many other species. We also protect traditional rural biotopes, promote the biodiversity of forests and an economically and socially sustainable forestry. 

Marine Programme

WWF protects the Baltic Sea and Finnish inland waters by preventing eutrophication, improving oil spill response and promoting marine safety and sustainable fishing. Together with field work, political lobbying and expertise work are a significant part of WWF’s work in protecting the Baltic Sea. Read more about Active Wetlands Project.

International Development

©Juha-Pekka Kervinen / WWF

WWF Finland works to protect nature in developing countries in Asia and Africa. The objective of the work is to protect forests and the species that inhabit them, and also to improve the living conditions of the local people.

Visit East-Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. Ecotourism guide includes a list of sights, accommodation options and other tips for visitors. 

Ecological Footprint

©Katrin Havia / WWF

We work to decrease the environmental effects of human actions, i.e. the ecological footprint. Our work includes promoting of sustainable consumption and production, mitigating climate change as well as decreasing water consumption and its environmental effects.


©Francisco Márquez / WWF-Spain

Nature conservation is also involved in working together with children and young people. With environmental education, the new generation is taught to love and respect nature and understand that humans cannot survive without it.

Business & Industry

©Kevin Schafer / WWF-Canon

WWF cooperates with companies in order to improve their environmental responsibility. Cooperation with companies promotes the protection objectives of WWF Finland, influences the ecological footprint of companies’ operations and commits companies to promoting environmental protection.