Energy efficiency benefits both the environment and humans – “Expenses are lower in energy efficient buildings”

Project Advisor Claudia Guerrini from the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized enterprises (EASME), that governs the EU LIFE projects, thinks that energy efficiency of buildings plays a significant role in the fight against climate change. Energy efficiency benefits the environment, but it also produces economic benefits for humans.

The LIFE EconomisE project that promotes energy efficiency in buildings received distinguished guests in September. Claudia Guerrini, who works as Project Advisor in EASME that manages the LIFE projects, met the partners of the EconomisE project in Helsinki. During the meeting, Ms. Guerrini talked about her views on e.g. the importance of energy efficiency. According to Ms. Guerrini, energy efficiency plays a vital role in the battle against climate change. The issue is connected to energy consumption as well as emissions, both of which must urgently be reduced.

“We can get closer to emission reduction targets by improving energy efficiency. In buildings, we can combine emission reductions and financial benefits for the residents; energy expenses are smaller in energy efficient buildings. Energy efficiency has many benefits for the environment, as well as people”, explains Guerrini.

Ms. Guerrini cannot directly compare Finland to the other EU member states regarding energy efficiency but considers raising awareness on energy efficiency a very important issue everywhere.

“Raising awareness is the first step in achieving results. Citizens must understand that energy efficiency benefits them. We do not have another planet. Whatever we do for the environment, we do for ourselves. And, of course, energy efficiency also makes it possible to save money.”

According to Ms. Guerrini, the LIFE financial instrument is among the most successful programmes of the EU. It has proven to be well-functioning in various sectors.

“The benefits of the LIFE programme are often observable in the daily lives of citizens. The projects funded by the programme produce tangible results that can be seen or even touched. We have noticed a change when visiting projects in the EU countries. The LIFE instrument is an excellent way to use public funds.”

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