Current energy efficiency issues were discussed in Lahti with a focus on measures with the greatest saving potential

Those interested in energy efficiency gathered on August 21 in the striking scenery of the Lahti Sports Centre to discuss current standpoints on the issue. The event was organised in collaboration by WWF, the LIFE EconomisE project, the city of Lahti, Kiinteistöliitto Päijät-Häme and Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd.

The event began with three interesting presentations on energy efficiency. The first speaker was Lari Paavolainen, Sales Manager at Leasegreen Ltd, whose presentation mentioned, for example, housing company renovation measures which will pay for themselves. According to Paavolainen, these include heat production, ventilation, solar panels, smart heating control, LED lights, saving water and heat recovery from waste water.

The Property Manager of Lahden Tilakeskus Jouni Arola explained that energy efficiency has become part of the city’s normal operation in investment and maintenance projects. According to Arola, more efficient use of space is the energy efficiency measure that has the biggest energy saving potential and the biggest impact on overall consumption. After Arola, the entrepreneur Paul Stucki from Orfer Oy, which specialises in robot technology, shared his experiences on the impact of a ground heat system on energy consumption.

Yleisöä Lahden hiihtomuseon auditoriossa järjestetyssä energiatehokkuustilaisuudessa

After the main speakers, representatives of six companies that work in the field of energy efficiency had the chance to introduce their energy efficiency solutions in 5-minute presentations. There were pitch-style presentations from Leanheat, which uses artificial intelligence to monitor and control conditions in flats, the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), whose presentation concerned charging infrastructure for electric cars, Ecopal, which produces heat with renewable geothermal energy and lost heat from buildings, Lahti Energy, which is responsible for energy distribution in the Lahti region, Retermia, which offers energy efficient ventilation solutions, and Sykli Environmental School of Finland, which organises energy efficiency training.

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