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Energy Leap Platform - leap over obstacles into Energy Efficient solutions

The “Energy Leap” is an on-line platform provided by the Finnish Environment Institute, which allows Finns to encourage and inspire each other by sharing experiences relating to the use of more efficient energy and material technologies and practices. Good solutions are introduced to be replicated in other locations all over Finland.

Energy Leap Platform -website.

The main idea behind developing the “Energy Leap” platform deals with the challenge that despite the existence of versatile functional and cost-effective solutions for increasing energy efficiency in buildings, their wide-spread introduction into practical life has so far been slow. The change has been hampered by issues such as decision-makers’ mindset, lack of knowledge, lack of motivation or time. The aim is to “leap over” these obstacles with the aid of successful examples, peer support and networking. The service offers a wide range of past and present cases including video clips and fact sheets as inspiration and a model to follow. The stakeholders in the field of EE projects are also encouraged to create alliances to share information, cooperate during the planning process and save costs with the help of bundling and multiservice contracts.


LIFE EconomisE

Tämän sivuston sisältö edustaa ainoastaan EconomisE-projektin näkemyksiä. EASME / Euroopan komissio ei ole vastuussa sivuston sisältämän informaation mahdollisesta käytöstä.

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